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The m-ATM machine or Micro ATM Machine is a device that enables the users to perform several banking services like Payment Making, Cash Withdraw, and Balance Inquiry. This is a small device, which is handy to install in a store and it is provided by a merchant website, which is working as a banking correspondence.

In some cases, the villagers need to travel ten to twelve kilometers to get the cash from banks. The m-ATM is also working as the ‘Point-of-Sale’ (PoS) machine, so the customers can process the payment for the services or goods through their ATM cards. In India, we have the least number of ATMs per 10, 00, 000 people, and sometimes it gets out of cash. Sometimes technical errors caused the ATM to fail and in such cases, people are forced to return empty-handed. To avoid such situations, more ATMs are required but another solution that people can get is the m-ATM service in the village. That’s why it is a considerable thing for the Storeowner to have the m-ATM at the store, which is beneficial for people and also for the businessperson.

Uses of Kuberjee Store Micro ATM

Cash Withdrawal
Cash Withdrawal

Customers can withdraw their money using their ATM cards

Balance Check
Balance Check

Customers can perform balance inquiry using the micro ATM device

MIni Statement
Mini Statement

Make small payments using the ATM Cards

cash deposit

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Benefits for Distributor & Retailer

Take the Kuberjee Store Micro ATM and increase revenue stream to your business. Check below benefits:

You can accept debit cards as a mode of payment for your primary business
You can carry out banking services for all banks such as balance enquiry and cash withdrawals Micro ATM
A complete banking experience to your customers
Increase footfall which in-turn will increase your core business
Additional revenue, needless of extra setup
Earn on every transaction
Low investment and high returns
Excellent shop signage for elevated footfall


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Micro ATMs

What are the benefits of using Micro ATM?

The Micro ATM is invented to help people of the rural area for the financial inclusion. However, in heavy cash crunch problem like today these types of Micro ATM Machines is boon to everyone.

  • Now convert your shop into an ATM
  • This is a low-cost option for existing ATMs
  • Micro ATM is a portable device
  • Easy to carry, easy to set up anywhere in remote areas
  • Interoperable equipment that can work for any bank
  • Helping people to be useful in the process of demonetization
benefit of micro ATm

How to get Micro ATM?

Follow the below steps to get the micro ATM

1 Register on the Kuberjee Store

Get yourself registered at the Kuberjee Store and provide the necessary documents. As your documents will be verified, you shall require making payment for the device.

2 Complete your Micro ATM payment process

As your details are verified, you’ll require making a payment for the device and the Kuberjee Store will make a shipment of your device within 48 hours.

2 Get Micro ATM Device delivered

You’ll get your micro ATM device within 48 hours of the registration. Also, it is varied in timing considering the shipping location.

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How the Micro ATM Transactions Works

The micro ATM reads the details of the customers' Card and communicates with the customers' bank through the Banking Correspondent website-Kuberjee Store’s website and process the transaction.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Find the information you are looking for in our FAQ section. If you have more questions, please post them and our support team will answer them or you can reach us through email.


‘Micro ATM’ or ‘m-ATM’, it is a small device, which is being used by many ‘Business Correspondents’ (BC), for providing basic banking services. This device enables an instance Transaction.

Micro-ATM is a device that helps you performing Digital transactions without visiting your bank. This m-ATM device is the best way of withdrawing cash in certain situations like ATMs in banks running out of cash, Banking Holidays, or in Emergency Situations. The machine is facilitated with the Card Swiping Facility and it is used to swipe ATM cards, Debit Cards.

Any registered store owner can start providing this m-ATM service to the customers at his/her store. The requirement is to fulfill the Retailer registration process and providing the initial document to start offering these services at their store. Also, the storeowner shall have sufficient cash for providing withdrawal service to the customers.

To get the Kuberjee Store Micro ATM device, you shall require providing your store registration details, GST details if applicable, and your ID proof.

To perform a transaction you’ll have to select a specific service, which your customer is willing to perform. Then you shall provide the device to the customer for entering the necessary details like PIN and inserting the ATM card. After that, you’ll have to enter your retailer PIN in the mobile app. As the payment will process, you’ll be notified in the mobile app and the device will print the transaction details.

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