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Idea Prepaid Recharge

Mobile Recharge and DTH Network Recharge Platform

  • Each household with a family member of 4 has minimum 2 cellphone and that are either low end to high end smart phones like iPhone or Android. Due to extent increasing the mobile phone users and daily activation of mobile operators resulted in a huge market for recharge industry in India. If you are a recharge retailer or distributor you can make a money through our platform. It is India’s fastest growing retailer-distributor platform that empower them to generate revenue.
  • If you are an idea prepaid recharge retailer/distributor you can start earning commission base income daily.You don’t need any special infrastructure to start this business, you can even start doing at the comfort of your home or run this as part time. This is Multi Recharge Software let the retailers done recharge by one balance. We enables thousands of idea prepaid recharge retailers to earn money and that too just clicking a button. We offer best in industry commission structure for idea prepaid recharge service. Idea prepaid recharge is Hassle free and secure on Kuberjee store. Each transaction done on Kuberjee Store for idea prepaid recharge, our digital platform will add money into wallet for the retailer. The more you transact, the more you earn. This is not just limited to idea prepaid recharge; Distributor & Retailer can also use other services like Ticket Booking of Bus, flight and event for their customers. You don’t have to go to any agent for such bookings.
  • Click here here to register for free and start earning.