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Before you register & access Kuberjee Store app please read the following terms and conditions carefully. If any time you do not agree the terms and conditions you may not access or use the Kuberjee Store site and immediately terminate to use this service. An agreement of these terms and conditions as a legal contract with us.

By registration process for a Store Account, You are stating that You are Eligible to be a Store with Us and that You have read, understood and agreed to be bound by all of these Terms and Conditions of Service ("T&Cs"), which are not subject to negotiation.Therefore we request you to please read these T&Cs carefully.


All of the defined and capitalized terms in these T&Cs will have the meaning assigned to them here below:

  • "Act" means the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 and any amendment, modification or re-enactment of the same, or any other succeeding enactment for the time being in force.

  • "Eligible" means satisfying the conditions of eligibility prescribed under Paragraph 2.1 of these T&Cs.

  • "Store Account" refers to the account created for a Store Applicant or Store as the case may be as soon as it successfully completes the process of registration at Kuberjee Store application.

  • "Terms and Conditions of Service" or "T&Cs" refers to these terms and conditions which govern the rights and responsibilities of Kuberjee Store, which is available at T&Cs for Stores and any future revisions of the same.

  • "Working Days" means any day of the year other than those days declared to be Non-Working Days in accordance with Paragraph 6.1 of these T&Cs.

  1. You will not be "Eligible" to be a Merchant unless:
    1. You are an entity registered in India.
    2. You receive payments in Indian Rupees In wallet.
    3. Your authorized representative has attained more than 18 (eighteen) years of age and is competent to enter into a contract.
  2. You may apply or continue to be a Merchant only as long as you are Eligible. If you are not eligible, please immediately abandon any and all attempts to register with us.
  3. We reserve the right to terminate Your Merchant Account at any time if we have reason to believe that Your Merchant Account is being used by any person who is not eligible.
  4. We rely completely on your representation that You are Eligible and will bear no responsibility if You or anyone who uses Your Account or Kuberjee Store Wallet is found to not be Eligible.
Operational protocols for Store Applicants.
  1. Store Account activation.
    1. To register for a Store Account, You must download Kuberjee Store application from Google play store, where You will be required to provide the following "Registration Data":
      1. The registered entity name.
      2. Your verified Aadhar Card Number.
      3. The valid and functional phone number registered in Your name or the name of Your authorized representative ("Registered Phone Number").
    2. The Registration Data provided by you must be true to the best of Your knowledge, information and belief. We will bear no liability for false or incorrect Registration Data provided by you. Please ensure that Your Registered Phone Number is in working order in order to receive communication from Us.
    3. You hereby expressly consent to receive communications from Us through Registered Phone Number.
  2. Procedure for negotiation and execution Contract.
    1. Please note that activation of Your Store Account does not guarantee that you will receive further communication from Us,
    2. By registering for a Store Account, You agree to the following:
      1. to receive communication, queries and documents from Us for the purposes of negotiating and executing a Contract;
      2. to provide information that We have a legal duty to request from all Store Applicants on account of the Know Your Customer norms ("KYC Norms") prescribed under RBI Regulations;
      3. You agree to undertake due diligence and update Yourself on RBI Regulations and other applicable laws that may have implications on Your liability as a Merchant.
  3. Upon execution of the Contract, You will become a Merchant and will be entitled to Services subject to these T&Cs and the Contract. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between these T&Cs and the provisions of any Contract, the provisions of the Contract will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency or conflict.
  4. Kuberjee Store reserves all Right(s) for taking legal action in the case of Misuse of the Software by ‘The User/Licensed person’.
  5. In the case of Malicious Activity found at the user’s end, concerning the software, Kuberjee Store possesses the rights to take legal steps.
Commission Structure
  1. For merchants, Kuberjee Store will Pay as per mutual agreement or offer when user type of signup commission on mobile prepaid recharges.
  2. If there are any changes in the commission or offer structure, you will be notified of the same through the applications or other means email, sms and Kuberjee store notification.
  3. All the commission due to you will be paid within 3 working days of the transaction time.
Features and limits of use of Kuberjee Store.

1.Any transaction attempted to be made by a User through his Kuberjee Store application will be subject to the features and limits of Kuberjee Store Wallet, which are as follows:

A. Feature Conditions
1 Wallet Validity period. 3 (three) years from the date of registration.
2 Maximum permissible period of non-use of a Kuberjee Store Wallet. 6 (six) months from the date of registration.
3 Cash withdrawal. Cash withdrawal and redemption of balance from Kuberjee Store Wallet is prohibited under RBI Regulations.
Non-Working Days

We are reliant on third parties such as banks to deliver timely Services. Since We cannot control the actions of such third parties, We will not be responsible to render Services or process payments or refunds on the following days ("Non-Working Days"):

  1. For merchants, Kuberjee Store will Pay as per mutual agreement or offer when user type of signup commission on mobile prepaid recharges.
  2. If there are any changes in the commission or offer structure, you will be notified of the same through the applications or other means email, sms and Kuberjee store notification.
  3. All the commission due to you will be paid within 3 working days of the transaction time.
Refunds and Chargebacks
  1. The official Application of Kuberjee Store will provide the Merchant with access to a feature titled as "Wallet transaction" that will list all the transactions that were undertaken, attempted or completed by any Merchant using Kuberjee Store Wallet vis.-a'-vis. the Merchant. The Merchant will not be entitled to make refunds or cancellations to any transaction through any method.
  2. We will not be liable to the Merchant or the User in connection with any matters pertaining to the validity of refund or cancellation requests, and will act in accordance with the directions of the Merchant subject to compliance.
  3. Kuberjee Store is a ‘Service Provider’. In the case of any wrong recharge transaction’, ‘fraudulence’, Dispute or ‘any kind of error’ occur; being a service provider the Kuberjee Store will only be liable to facilitate ‘an investigation’ to ‘the user(s)’.
  4. ‘The User(s)’ shall have to register his/her complaint to the Kuberjee Store Support at within 24 hours & Kuberjee Store will give the reply within 24 working hours.
  5. In such cases, only after receiving the complaint from ‘the user’, Kuberjee Store can facilitate ‘Investigation’. And later the investigation, the Kuberjee Store (as it is liable ONLY) will share the investigation report with ‘The User(s)’
Membership Fees

Membership fees is a non refundable amount which user is paying during signup as distributor.

Package Deposit
  1. User can increase his / her commission and services by upgrading packages.
  2. Package Deposit amount is refundable amount which user can take within 1 month(If he / she is not interested to use Kuberjee store services) or he / she can take his / her deposit amount after 1 year of the date of deposit amount.
Revision of T&Cs
  1. These T&Cs may be modified at any time and from time to time, discontinued temporarily or permanently ("Revised") by Us.
  2. Please ensure that you read the Revised T&Cs carefully because you will be bound by the Revised T&Cs from the date. Your continued use of the Service will be deemed to be an unconditional acceptance of the Revised T&Cs.
Notices and communication
  1. Any notice or notification in connection with these T&Cs or Contract executed with a Merchant will be communicated through the contact information specified in email
  2. All Your communication with us will be of a professional nature only. You will not contact Us to harass, intimidate or threaten any person, or to promote any cause which you may espouse.

If any part of these T&Cs is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable laws then the invalid or unenforceable provisions will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of these T&Cs will continue in effect.

Request Topup:-

We accept transactions made through IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS payment mode Only. We are not accepting any kind of Cash Deposit in the Bank Account and any transaction made through UPI as well, We don't even posses any official UPI ID for Kuberjee STORE. If any customer will do so, Kuberjee Store will not be Responsible for any issues or losses regarding such deposited amount.

Beneficiary Account Verification Service:-

Beneficiary account verification is a paid service. Bank will charge some small amount to verify the beneficiary account. Beneficiary account veirification charge is depends on bank. This charges is non-refundable. Bank will never process refund for beneficiary account verification charges.

Flipkart BuyZone:-
  1. The Kuberjee store shall be responsible only for getting the ‘store owner’ a Flipkart authorized buyzone account. For other queries and inquiries, the store owner shall contact Flipkart directly.
  2. The user will get Flipkart authorized buyzone account within 7 working days of successful fees payment.
  3. User will get benefits like cashback only if he/she will place orders from authorized Flipkart Buyzone account provided by the Kuberjee Store; after successful Flipkart buyzone fees payment. Otherwise, he/she will not get any benefits.
  4. All Order related support will be provided by Flipkart directly. The Kuberjee Store will not provide any support for product delivery, order refund, or replacement.
  5. Flipkart Buyzone membership fees a non refundable. Kuberjee store will not provide any refund in any circumstances. However user will get the benefits and offer provided by the flipkart and Kuberjee store.
  6. The user will receive cashback only after Flipkart tracks the order and approves it for benefit.
  7. In case Flipkart detects any fraud, the flipkart franchise will be deactivated and the user will not receive any commission. Kuberjee Store will not refund any franchise fees to user and user's Kuberjee store account will be blocked permanantly.